Battling Homestead Snow

homestead snowman
Living a hands-on rural lifestyle  involves struggle, so if you’re deeply addicted to comfort you really should think twice about attempting the homestead approach. Even with modern tools and equipment, it’s  still a struggle living out here in the country. But I count this struggle as one of the advantages. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but at least let me explain . . .

Homestead Attitude About Snow is Key

For some of us, meeting and triumphing over physical challenges on the homestead is invigorating. I also happen to think that one of the reasons depression and overall emotional malaise is so common is in society these days is precisely because so many of us have removed all serious discomfort and real-world physical challenges from life. But we never get something for nothing in this world, even if it seems like that at first.

Dealing with snow is one of the challenges I like, mostly because it helps me appreciate the comforts I do have. Coming inside and laying my hands on a hot, cast iron radiator, sitting down to a steaming home-cooked meal, and enjoying the warmth and cheer of an ordered and well-stocked household are big pleasures for me. And my appetite for them is  all the keener after an hour or two of beating back the snow.

Like I said, I’m probably a bit insane, but I like it this way.

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2 thoughts on “Battling Homestead Snow”

  1. Steve i agree totally, without the winters here in canada many species wouldn’t exist let alone be able to reproduce. Canadian forest just wouldn’t be the same without Jack pines.

    1. Hello Peter,

      Thanks for your comment. Good to hear from you. Did you get my email about your homesteading plans? The one that you sent after watching my Survival Summit video? That’s probably how you found this site.

      May I get your input on the kind of info I should include on this website? As a prospective homesteader, exactly what kind of information would you find most helpful?

      Bye for now, Peter!

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